It’s all gone Navy blue at Aab!

With summer just around the corner, holidays on the horizon, it’s time to sort out your summer wardrobe!

Sling the blacks right to the back and bring in our new collection of navy and nautical nudes…fantastic range of nautical designs and a few knotty ones too, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with our new hijabs..

This fantastic range is made of 100% cotton jersey, lightweight, cool, easy to look after, great for packing into your suitcase! Folds nicely and neatly and hey presto! You’re ready to go!

So if you’re jet setting around the world this summer, or simply enjoying the summer sun at your local park…there’s something for everything at Aab. Casual but cool Oolong Blue, Forget me Knot for a garden party, or Seasons just to start off your day in style and ending with evening glamour with Knot a Lot…the choice is yours.

The great thing about this collection is that it’s so comfortable to wear and easy to look after.  100% cotton means the air breezes in through the tiny microscopic weave of the fabric allowing your body to breathe with ease, keeping you comfy and cool, just how nature intended.  Be kind to your body, kind to the environment, make the change and go natural! Reduce your carbon footprint!!

Just so you know, Aab is offering free shipping on all international orders over 120 GBP and for UK customers on all orders over 75 GBP.  And, there’s a chance to win one of our fabulous Abayas and Hijabs by entering our competition…simply click on the link for further details..

At Aab, it’s all about keeping it stylishly simple…


Aab Sizes: Why doesn’t Aab provide different lengths?

Aab are often asked why we don’t provide different lengths. For example, the following comment was made on our Facebook fan page:

“cutting the length from 62″ to 53” will definitely take the flare away, so I don’t think I can spend that much money and have it ruined. Most sisters are not very tall, I don’t understand why they make abayas so long, just coz their models are probably that tall

Aab think about the customers not just your models or the dummy models who may be so tall.”

Aab says

We care about everyone. Our abayas are long so even tall sisters can wear Aab. First and foremost, Aab does not mass produce their garments, designs and fabric are quite exclusive and are not always available. Abayas can be shortened but not lengthened!!
It’s not true that we only think of super skinny models and tall people…actually, Aab’s chief designers are quite opposite from one another. Before we even go into production, the garments are tried and tested for size, shape, drop etc etc. We check for practicality, comfort, ease and that’s what makes our garments what they are!
The issue behind length is always at the back of our minds when designing… and our designs are such that can be altered without ruining a garment.

Alteration tips/ Recommendations:

  1. When you receive your item, try it on and get your tailor/ seamstress/ helper to pin up while you stand straight.
  2. If the abaya is to be worn with heels, pin up with heels on.
  3. For shorter sisters afraid of losing the flare, a good tip is to keep it slightly longer. The trail will make it look more flarey.
  4. When happy do the alteration accordingly.

Crochet Flare – A lot of flare…

5.    Flare cut Abayas are designed according to height. A taller person will need more flare to achieve the same look. When standing straight the entire flare will fall straight and look as though there is not much flare even on a tall model.

6.     The volume of the garment comes into play with movement… when walking etc. Too much flare on a short person can also make them look square!  That’s why flare should be altered according to height…you don’t lose the flare nor the volume, it has been designed to look good whatever your height. You just need to alter according to the tips given!

Classic Cut Abayas

Taller people, longer legs… need more room to walk.
Shorter person, shorter legs…needs less room.

The future:

Aab values everyone’s feedback and comments! Without them, we can’t make the necessary changes and yes, we are looking to introduce a petite range with shorter lengths soon…with all your support, we will inshallah cater for all your needs! In the mean time….take note of the above advice and all should be good!

Name our Hijab Competition

Have you had your say?? Aab has launched a competition on our Aab Facebook fan page! It’s a chance for all you Aab Hijab fans to take part in naming one of our beautiful silk Hijab!

Name Our Hijab competition
So far we have had a massive response!! The Aab team is thoroughly enjoying the wide range of wonderful names! With so many names flying through we are struggling to shortlist the lucky names….and remember, the winner gets the beautiful Hijab and Oolong Abaya! This is an opportunity not to be missed.

So, what name would you give this pretty Hijab? Email your suggestions at

Winter with Aab

It’s deep into winter and temperatures are well…brrrrrrrr…It’s dark and grim in the mornings and do you really want to climb out of bed?

At Aab, we thought of ways to help brighten up the dull winter mornings and what better way than to launch an amazing set of bright and beautiful silk hijabs! So if you’re feeling the blues, then think print to add instant cheer!

Busy Batik

Busy Batik

We selected a wide range of shades to suit everyone…so from Busy Batik to Pretty Palette, imprint your look with Aab Hijabs this winter!

Pretty Palette

Pretty Palette

The best way to stay warm and keep the chill at bay is to layer up rather than wear a big thick coat…Layers of cotton will help keep you warm whilst allowing the air to trickle through the fibers allowing your body to regulate its temperature…

Why not pull on Sycamore, a soft jersey Abaya in a roll neck style with side pockets to keep your hands nice and snug, and throw on a Blackberries Wrap for journeys out! To get style ideas of how to wear your wrap look no further than our look book on face book…secure your wrap with one of our pretty cotton corsages , grab a bag and voila!

Casual cool from Aab….





Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose

Fubi Pink

Fubi Pink

Aab Hajj & Umrah Range

Aab Hajj & Umrah Range

White Sea Abaya Solitude Abaya White Sea Abaya Chinese Lantern Hijab Pin Dainty Flowers Hijab Pin Aab Hijabs Crochet Ice Abaya Cotton and Silk Abaya Shimmering Silk Abaya Twilight Hijab Midnight Streams Hijab Aab

Aab’s online boutique is bursting with new arrivals

Walnut Abaya Elderberry Abaya Meadows Abayas Mulberry Abaya Walnut Abaya Gooseberries Abayas


Aab wishes everyone Eid Mubarak!

Black Sea Blackberries Oolong Chocolate Lime Crochet Flare Sea Breeze