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The Aab blog is now live!

Welcome to the Aab blog…

Welcome to the official Aab blog! Aab…who or what are Aab? Aab was born out of a demand for making beautifully crafted garments for ladies who love ‘Simple Understated Style’.

Our garments are produced with the utmost care and attention to detail, the careful selection of fabric, the unique design process and finally, the manner in which we send our garments to our valued clients.

Always searching for something unique is our ethos… Making beautiful dresses from natural fibres means caring for our bodies which, in turn, means we care about the environment we live in and our overall existence.  It’s about being in touch with your inner self… we have a saying ‘Nature Nurtures Aab’ and this is how it all started.

From creating one off designs, interest began to flow and we built up a private clientele, and have now moved on to share our passion for dressing women across the world.  From the UK, to the USA, even as far as Australia and now the Middle East, Aab is being recognised as a brand Muslim women can associate with, be proud of… At Aab we believe every woman wears things differently… Find yourself and your individual style with Aab.

This blog is intended for us to be able to interact with our valued clients, to hear about you, your thoughts, feedback, ideas you wish to share…

Every fortnight we will post our own mini newsletter/blog giving you an insight to Aab… and generally topics which affect women in everyday life.

The issues we will discuss over the next few months will be:

  • Aab Fabrics: what makes them so unique, how to care for your garments.  The beauty behind Linen, Silk, Cotton and Wool…
  • Aab Inspiration: what inspires us…Women, their multiple roles in today’s society
  • Aab across the World: reaching Europe, America, Australia and finally the Middle East

For our existing clients and new… Welcome to the Aab blog…I’m sure you will find the blog an exciting forum for discussion , inspiration and information.